Regional Depression Hubs

The introduction of Regional Depression Research Hubs (HUBs) is aimed at creating a networked and collaborative environment through which new enabling approaches (mechanisms and tools) can be used to refine research priorities and facilitate the translation of results into practice.

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Innovation + Collaboration = Transformation

CDRIN Innovation Report 2015
Download our new report to learn how CDRIN’s systematic and collaborative approach is different from anything Canada’s mental health community has tried before in tackling depression.

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What People Are Saying About CDRIN

We’re mobilizing Canada’s mental health community.

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CDRIN will mobilize Canada’s mental health community, including people with lived experience, to address important issues associated with mood disorders and post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).


CDRIN works to create a coordinated capacity to conduct the large multi-site and long-term studies required to achieve significant gains in research knowledge about depression, PTSD and related medical conditions for effective treatments.


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