Welcome to the Canadian Depression Research & Intervention Network – known as CDRIN 


CDRIN aims to build new connections and cohesion among Canada’s mental health research community, vast array of service providers and persons living with depression and Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) in ways that will open new approaches to detect, prevent and treat these life-altering illnesses.

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The CDRIN logo signifies our key focus areas.


CDRIN will foster multi-disciplinary collaboration and information sharing, to help build a consumer / patient-oriented environment.  We hope to meld the current isolation and fragmentation of research activity and enhance information dissemination and uptake. The Network will also work to create a coordinated capacity to conduct the large multi-site and long-term studies required to achieve significant gains in research knowledge about depression, PTSD and related medical conditions for effective treatments.

To mobilize our network and to achieve lasting impact in research and intervention, we are building a network infrastructure, using a regional Hub and Spoke structure to link community members.  This will help mobilize CDRIN’s capacity to develop education and training, and launch other knowledge exchange activities, including an annual conference.  Sustainability and partnership building activities will extend the Network’s impact and ensure its sustainability over the longer term.



CDRIN supports the design and delivery of next-generation researcher training. The network has developed a training programs for persons with “lived experience” of Depression or PTSD so they can be fully and effectively engaged in research from their perspective

CDRIN facilitates the establishment of a pan-Canadian Depression research network, and will support the creation and operation of several CDRIN Depression Hubs and an annual conference to encourage and optimize information exchange.

CDRIN works toward sustainability and partnership building with academic institutions engaged in relevant research programs with healthcare providers and clinicians, with regard to training the next generation of researchers, with Depression research networks here and abroad, and with the private sector, in support of several initiatives to enhance research.

CDRIN will put forward a PTSD-Continuing Medical Education initiative (PTSD-CME), a training program to enhance physicians’ knowledge regarding the identification of PTSD, treatment, and available resources.

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