Team of professionals huddled around table

CDRIN’s founders are the Mood Disorders Society of Canada (MDSC), the Mental Health Commission of Canada (MHCC) and the University of Ottawa Institute of Mental Health Research (IMHR). CDRIN’s development is supported by a five year contribution agreement between MDSC and Health Canada.

The objectives of CDRIN include ensuring self-sustainability after a five year start up phase through ongoing research funding acquisition, and governance development. As part of this process CDRIN has developed a Depression Hubs National Advisory Panel (CDRIN DH-NAP), which includes representation from each of the regional hubs as well as Lived Experienced community representatives.

CDRIN daily operations are led by a management team. A CDRIN corporation has been incorporated and the CDRIN Board of Directors consists of:

  • Dr. Andy Greenshaw;
  • Dr. Zul Merali;
  • Dr. David Pilon;
  • Dr. Caroline Tait;
  • Gord Singer;
  • Karla Thorpe; and
  • Phil Upshall.